Special Education Program Group

Dr. Jason Chow teaches one of his classes in the Department of Counseling and Special Education.


Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and adults with disabilities through research, teaching and service. Our faculty, students, university colleagues and community partners work together to generate knowledge, investigate effective strategies, disseminate evidence-based practices, advocate for individuals and their families, and promote exemplary programs. Our two affiliated centers, the Partnership for People with Disabilities and the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, provide significant service via local, state, national and international research, technical assistance, personnel development and advocacy.


Faculty and doctoral students actively engage in research across the lifespan in a wide array of areas. Current research initiatives include: early learning environments for culturally and linguistically diverse children, behavior problem prevention in early childhood, mathematical development and learning for children with or at-risk for mathematics disabilities, research synthesis and meta-analysis, children with or at-risk for developmental language disorders, teacher education and professional development, youth violence prevention, self-determination and transition, autism spectrum disorders, adolescent/adult employment and self-sufficiency, impact of disability policy on youth transition, post-secondary education for young adults with intellectual disabilities, adults with learning disabilities, and community engagement for personnel preparation.

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