Brooke Taylor

Ph.D. Student, School of Education
Program Area: Curriculum, Culture and Change
Second Year Student in Department of Teaching and Learning


Headshot of Brooke Taylor for 2022 for VCU Holmes Scholars webpage.Education

  • Ph.D. in Education (May, 2025), Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Master of Arts, Virginia University (2016)
  • Master of Divinity, Virginia Union University (2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Howard University (2012)

Line of Research

My line of research focuses on the educational experiences of Black AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth) adolescents and carceral involvement. I examine the unique intersection of gender, race, and sexuality, and the ways in which it impacts academic matriculation for this population.

Selected Research and Scholarship

  • Taylor, Brooke (2021, February). “Exploring the Impact of Incarceration on the Educational Progression of Adolescent Black girls.” Holmes Scholars Preconference at Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, New Orleans, LA.


Brooke Taylor is a Black, queer, non-binary, social justice advocate and scholar who is dedicated to serving marginalized communities. Brooke is a proud Bison (Howard University), Panther (VUU), and Ram (VCU) alum. With an undergraduate degree in Political Science and an expansive graduate-level theological education, they often view the world through a culturally diverse theo-political lens and are unapologetically committed to BIPOC and QTPOC communities through their scholarly and community work.

Brooke believes that everyone has the potential to be a scholar and has a deep passion to bridge the gap between academia and non-traditional student populations. Proudly bi-vocational, they have facilitated hundreds of trainings, conversations, and classes within various demographic groups and has worked directly with persons facing incarceration, discrimination, homelessness, and poverty. Brooke is a current PhD student in VCU's School of Education. Studying within the Curriuclum, Culture and Change track, their research interest center on Black and queer girls within carceral institutions.

What does the Holmes Scholars Program mean to you?

The Holmes Scholars are vital to the success of PhD students from marginalized communities. The consistent support that comes from my Holmes peers is unparalleled. This program has allowed me to find invaluable community within academia.

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