Makeba L. D'Abreu, MDIV, SPHR

Ph.D. Student, School of Education
Program Area: Urban Services Leadership

Makeba Lindsay DAbreuEducation

  • Ph.D. in Education (expected May, 2025), Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MDIV, New York Theological Seminary
  • B.A. in Biophysics, The Johns Hopkins University

Line of Research

My line of research is leadership career and development for clergy and nonprofit managers belonging to underrepresented groups. I examine how digital transformation and coaching and mentorship circles build the capacity of community leaders to serve their communities, address disparities, and develop leaders within their communities.

Research and Scholarship

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Rev. Makeba Lindsay D'Abreu is a nontraditional international educator. She is an engaging storyteller, discerning nonprofit management consultant, and skilled administrator. She believes being a credentialed master trainer mandates that she be a master learner. Hence, her embarking on her journey at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Education, where she is a first-year doctoral student in the Urban Services Leadership track. She has served in mission-based organizations for most of her career. She's presented to diverse leaders, including representatives from The White House, NIH, CDC, the United Nations, and LGBTQIA+ communities. Her mission is to, with enthusiasm, efficiency, and laughter, equip, organize, and build the capacity of organizations to fulfill their purpose.

What does the Holmes Scholars program mean to you?

The Holmes Scholars program represents a tremendous opportunity to participate in a career and leadership development program. As an African American woman, the three major areas for growth of women leaders are confidence, strategic thinking, and navigating the workplace. Individual and group mentoring in the program build confidence, and reflective practices are needed to think strategically and make decisions. A program designed to develop underrepresented groups for research level one university ensures that I do not stand alone, nor do I have to flounder or lose precious time trying to navigate the complexities of careers in higher education.

Curriculum Vitae