Graduate Certificate in Teaching Elementary Education

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The Graduate Certificate in Teaching: Elementary Education prepares students to become teachers in high-needs/hard-to-staff elementary schools. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of science, social studies, and mathematics pedagogy and content. The program provides field experiences during a one-year residency to expose students to classroom teaching and classroom management.

Graduates will be prepared to teach in elementary (K-6) classroom settings, and to meet the needs of elementary students with a focus on urban and high-needs schools. This certificate is designed to help students meet the Virginia Department of Education’s requirements for provisional teacher licensure through a public school system.

The target audience for this graduate certificate program includes students who hold bachelor’s degrees, but do not possess all of the necessary coursework to be eligible for teacher licensure in the state of Virginia.




How to apply: Graduate application
Semester of entry: Fall, Spring or Summer
Application deadlines: June 1 (Fall); Nov. 1 (Spring); April 1 (Summer)

Resources and Checklists

Application Checklist - Certificate in Teaching: Elementary Education [PDF]
RTR Teacher Residency Application Checklist [PDF]



In addition to the general admission requirements of the VCU Graduate School, the following requirements represent the minimum acceptable standards for admission:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university with no more than 9 credits of content courses needed.
  • Acceptance into the RTR Teacher Residency program or verification and recommendation from hiring school district of employment in a Virginia school as a provisionally licensed teacher in Elementary Education
  • Three letters of recommendation addressing the student’s potential for graduate study in education
  • Statement of intent
  • Transcripts of all previous college work
  • Satisfactory scores on the VCLA

Prospective students interested in the RTR Teacher Residency program should contact for additional details on admission into the RTR Teacher Residency program.

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