Minor in Recreation and Wellness

A woman and man, both smiling, hiking outdoors with backpacks.

The minor in recreation and wellness is meant to prepare students to obtain certification in a variety of recreation- and fitness-related areas that are necessary for employment. For those students who are likely to pursue full- or part-time work within the field of recreation and wellness, this minor is ideal.

The minor in recreation and wellness requires 18 credits hours, consisting of the following:

Required Courses    Credits
TEDU 103   Lifetime Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition for the Health and Physical Educator     3
TEDU 204
  Outdoor Education     3
TEDU 303
  Teaching Team and Individual Sports for Lifetime Fitness     3
TEDU 314
  Practicum for Health and Physical Education     2
Select seven credits from the list below:     7
TEDU 305   Concepts of Peer Health Education      
TEDU 320
  ACE Prep Group Exercise      
TEDU 321   ACE Prep Personal Training      
TEDU 322   Learn to Swim      
TEDU 323   Swimming for Fitness      
TEDU 324   ARC Lifeguard      
TEDU 325   ARC Water Safety Instructor      
TEDU 326   Introduction to Mindfulness and Leading With Compassion      
Total Hours         18


Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 to declare a minor in education and must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 throughout the coursework in the minor.



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