Education Alumni Council

A group of School of Education alumni having a discussion during an Education Alumni Council meeting.

The School of Education Alumni Council has historically focused on providing leadership, services, and activities for alumni and the larger university. The council is organized to:

  • Advance the cause of education
  • Stimulate and maintain professional relationships between the School of Education and its alumni
  • Promote an awareness, understanding and support of the School’s goals, progress, and needs
  • Embrace the larger purposes of the VCU alumni organization

Education Alumni Council Mission

To advance the VCU School of Education by connecting current and future alumni through meaningful opportunities that strengthen the School and the greater University community.

Education Alumni Council Goals

  • Engage current and future alumni, both professionally and personally.
  • Foster a culture of sharing time, talent and resources.
  • Contribute to a spirit of community among current and future alumni.

A Letter from the President:

Jose Alcaine Tall
Jose G. Alcaine, president,
Education Alumni Council

Dear Fellow Alumni,

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education is much more than just a top-rated public school of education, a  beacon of educational research and practice, a champion of diversity and inclusion, and an advocate for student success.

We are that and more because you – the alumni – are the professionals, counselors, school leaders, educators, community organizers, change makers, and heroes who are out there carrying the message and trying to make a difference in this world each and every day in all that you do. The past few years have taught us to take nothing for granted. These trying times have also taught us to be thankful for what we have through thick and thin, and have made us reflect on our place in the world.

I want to thank Jared Crist, who just completed two terms as president of the Education Alumni Council, for his leadership during a time when the group pivoted and began moving in new ways. As the new president, I am humbled to serve you, and with you, as we navigate our place and purpose in our communities. I am also thankful to all of you, and remain hopeful and inspired knowing that you’re out there trying to make a positive difference in the world. I invite all of us to stay connected now more than ever, and to continue our commitment for making and maintaining strong and vibrant communities.

As such, I invite us to continue to build community through the Education Alumni Council and invite you personally to join the work of the Council in:

  • Engaging with current School of Education students
  • Providing and receiving relevant professional development
  • Connecting with other alumni
  • Providing service to the school and to our local communities
  • And much more

I look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can serve together for the good of the School of Education, VCU, and our communities.

Yours in service,
Jose G. Alcaine, Ph.D. ‘16
President, School of Education Alumni Council