Scholarships & Endowments

Inspiring the next generation of educators

At the VCU School of Education, our aim is to be THE leader in urban education, starting right here in Richmond.

We know the complex challenges our city's students, families and schools face are not average. We know they cannot be addressed with average thinking and average efforts.

Therefore, we need to be bold and aspirational in order to find solutions that can transform our communities. We need to recruit students dedicated to equality, and prepare them for success in urban environments. We need to create innovative partnerships with our local school districts and other organizations to ensure we are putting the needs of our community’s children and their families first.

But we can't do it alone. Endowments and scholarships, like the ones featured on this website, are lasting investments in the future of our schools and our community.

More than anything, these gifts are investments in people: they can make a difference in a prospective educator's career, or determine how much impact a faculty member's research can have.

So whether it's through a gift, or by applying for one of our more than 50 scholarships, we hope you'll consider joining our cause.

“There’s a system and a group of people in place at VCU that I feel I can trust. I know that my gift will be distributed quickly and go to those that need it most.”

~ Floretta Lewis, School of Education donor