Dean’s Circle at the VCU School of Education

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The Dean’s Circle honors our shared commitment to preparing our students to be effective educators from Day One. As teachers, we want to help children succeed, but we can’t do it alone. As educators, we want to solve problems and transform lives. By doing so, we are contributing to a future full of opportunities for those we serve.

Think about it – everyone depends on teachers, from those who open businesses, to those who strive for opportunities in their workplace, to those who are CEO’s and health care workers ... and countless others.

Think about it – at the VCU School of Education, we are preparing the next generation of educators, and they are preparing the next generation of everything.

Everyone needs us!

A quality education changes the trajectory for all, but we know that not everyone is the same. That’s why we are preparing a new kind of student at the VCU School of Education. Our educators are knowledgeable, experienced and caring, and are able to approach each unique challenge head-on.

We are asking you to be a part of our “new educator” initiative with your investment. The School of Education Dean’s Circle recognizes the commitment of alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff who have cumulatively given $1,000 or more to the School of Education’s Annual Fund in a single fiscal year July 1 to June 30.

We need you!

We know that we need partners to tackle the hard work that lies before us. Your investment ensures that our faculty, staff and centers have the necessary resources to access new knowledge in the field and to develop unique and distinctive experiences that prepare VCU students at all levels for success.

Dean’s Circle donors will be recognized with special invitations sponsored by the school and the university. You will also receive special communications giving you updates and engaging you in a manner that is meaningful to you.

The primary benefit donors receive from participating in the Dean’s Circle is the feeling of joy – the feeling of partnering with a school that is impacting the lives of so many. Please join us.


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