Investing in Students through Scholarships

Olubowale Oyefuga and her brother display her scholarship at the 2018 VCU SOE Scholarship & Awards Ceremony.

Over the last few years, donors have invested in School of Education students by establishing scholarships or giving to the School of Education general scholarship fund. We’re excited about the growth of our funds and, as a result, many more students are receiving larger awards due to generous donors.

We want to build on the momentum that you, our donors, have initiated.

Currently, approximately 10% of students receive private scholarship funds from the many scholarship endowments and current scholarship funds. We would like to see that number grow. We can only do this with your investment.

When a donor decides to endow a scholarship, we work with that donor to ensure that we establish a fund that is meaningful and impactful. We ensure the donor’s wishes meet those of the school. Once the fund is established, it becomes part of the school in perpetuity. Therefore, generations of students benefit from your generosity.

We have programs in place where our student scholarship recipients may meet their donors, as well as a scholarship ceremony that is attended by students, their families, our faculty and the donors who established the scholarships. The event has been a part of our school for nearly three decades. We list a brief description of each scholarship on our website as well. Please click here.

What kinds of scholarships may a donor establish or give to?

Endowed scholarship

New, named endowed funds are established with a commitment of $25,000 or greater and can be paid over a five-year period. The corpus of the gift is invested, and an annual distribution (approximately 4.5%) is awarded to the recipient(s) as the scholarship. An endowed scholarship may be named by the donor, pending approval by the VCU Board of Visitors. A gift agreement is executed. Endowed scholarships grow and last in perpetuity.

Establishing a Current Scholarship

New, named current funds are created with a $25,000 commitment or greater, which may be paid over five years. A gift of a current scholarship is not invested; instead, the full amount is awarded in a specific year or over a specific time period. Gifts of current scholarships make an immediate impact on the designated recipient.

VCU School of Education General Scholarship Fund

At any time, a donor may give at any level to the School’s General Scholarship Fund. This is a new fund, and we award funds as it grows.

You may give to any of our scholarships, including already established named endowments. Many endowments were established to honor faculty and alumni, or specific areas of the educational experience.

To learn more about establishing a scholarship at VCU, contact Ed Kardos, Executive Director of the School of Education Office of Development, Alumni and Student Engagement at