School of Education alumni and friends are dreaming big and making an impact on their own terms — and timeline.

Gift planning is now a preferred way for many to give a personally meaningful gift to the school.

Many alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends include the VCU School of Education in their estate plans. Revocable gifts made through your will or living trust allow you to remain in control of your assets with the flexibility to change your bequest if needed, None of us know when those gifts will be received or exactly how much we might be able to leave, but the VCU School of Education always seeks to attract and retain the best faculty; students always need financial assistance; and research is always essential to resolve the health, social and economic issues of our time. Gifts that you leave through your estate can make the difference. When you prepare your will or revise your estate plan, please consider including a gift to support the VCU School of Education. For suggested will language to designate your gift, or to document an existing gift, contact Ed Kardos,

Whether a donor uses cash, appreciated securities/stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance, a retirement plan, etc., the benefits of funding a planned gift can make this type of charitable giving very attractive to both donor and charity.

  Gifts that anyone can make: Gifts that provide income:
  Wills and Bequests Charitable Gift Annuities
  Donor Advised Funds (DAF) Deferred Gift Annuities
  Gifts of Stock or Securities Charitable Remainder Trusts
  Gifts of Life Insurance Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  Gifts of Real Estate  
  Gifts of Personal Property  


Stephanie Holt

Headshot of Stephanie Holt with 20 pixel left border.VCU’s School of Education helped to change my life, and I realized that by endowing a scholarship I could help young people to attain their goals of teaching, especially in an urban environment. It is important to me to make sure that students can realize their dreams, and continue their education at VCU through the teacher preparation programs in the School of Education.

Virginia Arnold

Headshot of Virginia Arnold with 20 pixel left border.Teaching, learning and developing materials for children and their teachers were factors in my life’s work. So it makes sense that the VCU School of Education and I make a perfect partnership! Such a relationship also keeps me in the circle of idea development and helps me connect to students to help them meet their financial needs.

Carolyn Eggleston, Ph.D., and
Thom Gehring, Ph.D.

Headshot(s) of Carolyn Eggleston, Ph.D., and Thom Gehring, Ph.D.We are graduates of the Ph.D. in Urban Education at VCU and received a world-class education from the school, which we applied toward successful careers in higher education. We appreciated the quality of the curriculum, faculty and support staff; the quality made us better people and prepared us extremely well for future positions. We have stayed in touch with VCU and have observed that the quality has continued in the same way. These are the reasons we give to the VCU School of Education.

The Heritage Society

Dr. Virginia A. Arnold
Dr. Thomas H. Beatty and Dr. Diane J. Simon
Mrs. Miriam S. Blake and Dr. William E. Blake
Dr. Martha E. Blankenship
Dr. Michael D. Davis and Mrs. Concetta M. Davis
Dr. Thomas G. Gehring and Dr. Carolyn R. Eggleston
Ms. Geraldine E. Gross
Ms. Stephanie L. Holt
Mr. Magnus H. Johnsson
Mrs. Signe M. Langschultz
Ms. Marilyn A. Leahy and Mr. Ruffus Pearson
Ms. Floretta O. Lewis
Mr. W. Chris Martin
Dr. Jacqueline T. McDonnough and
Mr. Kaestner L. McDonnough
Dr. John S. Oehler and Mrs. Mary S. Oehler
Mr. George B. Peyser and Mrs. Page H. Peyser
Ms. Donna S. Sharits
Mr. Ernest R. Sanders
Mr. William R. Wheeler
Dr. Mary Ann H. Wright

THE HERITAGE SOCIETY recognizes donors who have made provisions for the VCU School of Education in their estate plans. We invite members to special events throughout the year.

There are other ways to make planned gifts and if interested in learning more, please contact Ed Kardos at